Previous colaborations

We have worked on a variety of projects in both the UK and Europe. Here is a timeline of some of our recent projects, oldest first:

Blackpool Tower Circus Pantomime: Dr. Dolittle - 2009
Arts included: Trampoline Acrobatics with Pole Climbing, Charlie-Warlie.

Darlington Pantomine: Aladdin - 2009
Arts included: Foot-juggling and Plate-Spinning.

Circus Pinter Winter season - 2009
Arts included: Spring-board, Lasso, Flying Trapeze, Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance.

Medrano Circus Water Show Winter season - 2009/10
Arts included: Hoop Jumps, Diablo, Hat Juggling, and German Wheel.

Amar Circus Winter season
Arts included: Jumping through hoops, foot-juggling, hat-juggling.

Budapest Circus Winter season - 2009/10
Arts included: Lasso, Spring Board, Bungee Arts.

Blackpool Tower Circus - Summer 2009
Arts included: Hoops, Hat Juggling, Skipping, German Rings, Balancing Acts and Foot Juggling.

Circus Medrano - 2008 - 2009
Art included: Shaolin Monk and Martial Arts Troupe.

Take That Concert - 'The Circus' 2009
Acts included: Acrobatics, Bungee and Trapeze.

Blackpool Tower Circus Chinese Show - 2010
Arts included: Bicycle, Lasso, Spring Board, Bungee, Shaolin Martial Arts, Diablo, etc.

Pinter Circus - 2010
Arts included: Flying Trapeze, Dragon and Lion Dance.

UK Heaven Parks Tour - 2010
Arts included: Magic, Contortion, Hula Hoops, Lion Dance, Ballet Balance, etc.

Circus Santus - 2010
Arts included: Trampoline Pole Art, German Wheel. Hat Juggling, Hoop Diving, etc.

Pinter Circus Christmas Winter Show - 2009/2010
Arts included: Flying Trapeze, Shaolin Martial Arts.

Circus Medrano Christmas Winter Show - 2009/2010
Arts included: Hoop Diving, Hat Juggline, German Wheel, Skipping, Plate Spinning, Foot Juggling.

Tom Duffy's Circus - 2011
Arts included: Trampoline Pole Art, German Wheel, Hat Juggling, Skipping, Martial Arts, Hoop Diving.

Pinter Circus Summer and Winter Season - 2011
Arts included: Shaolin Martial Arts.

Tom Duffy's Circus - 2012
Arts included: Flying Trapeze, Big Banners, Lion Dance, Chinese Poles.

Circus Orient - 2012
Arts included: Trampoline Pole Art, German Wheel, Hoop Diving, Hat Juggling, Skipping.