Meet the team

Liang Yang - Company Director
Liang started his career by training in Modern Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu) from the age of 8 years old. After winning several City and province competitions, he went on to achieve second place in the all China Martial Arts School competition in 1995.
In 1996 Liang starting to perform in Heilongjiang Province Acrobatic Troupe. during this time he learned and performed: Hoop Jumping, Hat Juggling, Chinese Pole Art, Russian Bar, Unicycle along with many other skills. The Troupe performed throughout China, America, UK, Denmark France and Germany. In 1998 his Troupe came second in the Whole China Circus Compertition with Liang performing his six hoop routine. In 2003 Liang's troupe came first in Grenoble International Circus Festival.

Yu Yin - Manager
Jade started Chinese Traditional Dance at 8, and joined the circus at 12 years old. Jades arts include foot juggling with umbrellas, plate spinning, contortion, diablo, group bicycle and net arts.
Jade has performed in Canada, America, Japan, UK, Korea as well as throughout China. Jades foot Juggling took first place in the Heilongjiang Province Circus Competition in 2001.

Xiaomin Wang - Artist Director
Shao Min graduated from Heilongjiang Arts School in 1978. in 1980 he moved to Peking Dance College Education Department where he again graduated with a BA in 1984.
Shao Min has over 20 years experience in dance and dance teaching and he has his own choreographic school. He has prepared and choreographed many performances in countries around the world including: China, Russia, Ukraine, Japan and the United States.